Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kicking off 2016

So much to say to start off the year.  I'm working on making a Dazzle store for all of my designs plus a a few dozen designs are already swimming around in my head.  Everything from sports themes, to comic books, movies, TV and my own sense of humor.  Much work to do.  I'm also thinking about doing an Adult Coloring book.  That could take a while- haha.  

The pieces here are from Cotton Bureau- "Boston Parquet" which sold, then i was contacted by a Boston guy who does limited edition sports apparel and asked me for this piece as well.  These are the pictures of the shirts being made & sold. The website is:  

The second is a remake from Cotton Bureau that I submitted to Threadless for their "Iconic Minimalist" tee shirt contest.  Called "Embrace the Future". It scored well so I'm glad I did it.

Back to work!, --Lance

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