Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jhonny Vegas

My new favorite golfer is Jhonny Vegas.  Yes, that's his real name.  His full name is Jhonattan Vegas, he's Venezuelan and just starting out on the PGA Tour.  He's already won 2 tournaments in his short career but with a name like that- he should be a household brand.  I believe he's already with Nike (I've seen it on his hats) but Nike has got to kick it into overdrive with this guy.  The name is just too good.
I did this project on my own, as a labor of love, may be somebody in Oregon will see it and give me a call. Jhonny Vegas needs his own line, his own brand.  I'm not saying he'll ever reach Jordan, LeBron or Tiger levels of marketing, but, with his name, he should have a much higher profile.

My latest screens & shirts/hoodys for Holiday 2011

My latest artwork & bodies for Holiday 2011.  All are screen printed with denim appliques.  For the Wrangler brand.  There are more to come.