Friday, May 6, 2011

New Jersey-

I'm posting this link to be considered for  A very cool website (from Oakland, CA) that specializes in tee shirts from local artists around the country.  A percentage of the proceeds goes to local charities.  Check out the site (they have some videos of the founders & other artists) -it just reeks of giving back to your town.
As a native New Englander, who went to college in upstate New York, lived in New York City and now resides in New Jersey, I feel I know the landscape of the northeast.  AND I especially love diners.
Everything about them.  The look, the people, hanging out, drinking coffee & having pancakes.  Weekends & diners in New Jersey are just made for me.  No state has more diners that the Garden State so I think this would be a good representation of the area.  Thanks for looking therethere, -Lance Lionetti

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