Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Chuck Norris

My favorite hero of all time, Chuck Norris.  His birthday is today, March 10th.  He's 71 and can still roundhouse kick your butt.  Anyway, every year I do something for his birthday.  It's becoming something of an "in joke".  The problem is- I'm the only one "in" on it.  That being said, if you know me even a little, two of my most favorite things are Chuck Norris and New York tabloid headlines (from the NY Daily News & The NY Post)  I live for their over the top, 3 inch, world-is-ending headlines about the most trivial subjects.  I run to the newsstand with anticipation about what will capture their fancy.
The headline: "See ya later Al-Qaeda" has stuck in my head for years.  It was a Daily News cover in Nov. 2001.  Chuck Norris is always in my head.  I put the two together and this is what I came up with.
Happy birthday Chuck.

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