Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big, Bad Wolf, The Hollywoods & Build Your America!

I have alot to scan but I want to include my latest work first from my sketchbook.  The Big, Bad Wolf dressing up as debt is scarier than usual.  My latest comic strip idea is "The Hollywoods".  Need to work on more characters but it's a start.  "Build Your America" just started out as a doodle that morphed into a little spot illustration.  Reminds me of those old 1940's posters with some Russian constructivism mixed in.  A happy accident I call this drawing.  By the way, all my sketches are done with Micron drawing pens- I haven't used a pencil in years.  Don't like the feel of them.  I do love these pens.  Would be lost without them.

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