Sunday, February 28, 2010

Megan Fox, Domino's Pizza & Chuck Norris

Well, needless to say I work with some characters.  Artists usually are.  From the top to bottom: "More Robots -Less Megan Fox" stems from a co-worker who loves the Transformers, but not the acting abilities of one Megan Fox.  It's become sort of a catch phrase around the office.  Speaking of my office, one day last April (it was the first warm day of the year) we went out for pizza at Dominos.  Me & my co-workers ran into the above drawn "characters" who were just smitten by them.  They left me alone for the most part but, I knew I was outnumbered. However, my art room mates fended for themselves just fine.  And lastly, anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge Chuck Norris nut.  I can rattle off Chuck Norris facts almost as fast as Chuck fires his Uzi.  This is me dreaming of one day being just a fraction of the man Chuck Norris is.

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  1. Great job lance, this is long over due i love it !